Frederick Achom is a successful businessman and entrepreneur splitting his time between Paris, Rome and London.

Achom’s first jobs in the business world was as a financial sales associate where he began to understand the dynamics of the market and the potential for making a name for himself in the field of business.

One of his first pivotal career achievements occurred when he successfully sold one of his businesses, “City Business Partners” a consultation and development firm, to London city firm EGC. Achom then invested in a variety of land and property investments as well as began to expand his work into the field of sales consulting.

In 2003, Frederick Achom founded the Rosemont Group, an offshore based investment company. The Rosemont Group specializes in luxury consumer goods and services including restaurants, property investment consulting, a unique line of designer Italian kitchens, and exclusive property and land development initiatives. Achom is not only the Founder but also the Chairman of the Rosemont Group. Today the company is valued at $40 Million dollars.

Rosemont Group is involved in a diverse portfolio of investments including the highly anticipated opening of a new LA-based restaurant and the successful acquisition of the Property Clinic Group based out of the UK. The Rosemont Group ha recently acquired majority stake in  Bennets, a well-known English restaurant chain.

Achom is also Partner and a major shareholder at  Bordeaux Wine Company (BWC). With his addition to the company, Achom has been able to expand the company’s client-list as well as generate plans for growing the company’s operations to the Far East and the United States.

In addition to his ongoing business ventures, Frederick is also a shareholder in the following organizations: Hanover Bars Ltd., Universal Properties Ltd., Property Clinic Ltd., and Night Management Ltd., to name a few.

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