Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Top social media management tools for business

Now that social media is very much part of every successful business’ strategy, it’s an important area to concentrate your attention on.
Just how do you stay on top of social media tasks, particularly when you are focusing on other areas of your start up? From content creation through to reporting and analytics, it can seem daunting and time consuming.
Luckily, there are lots of great social media management tools out there, perfect to help you out. They can streamline your workflow, save time and target your content. Here are five of the most impressive social media management tools available for businesses of all kinds.
An intuitive and streamlined platform designed to manage your social media, Buffer is a popular tool. It can help you gain meaningful engagement and get results from your content strategy. This is extremely important activity for a new business in particular.
Buffer comes with a whole suite of products that can be used alongside each other. These range from publishing to engagement, analytics and collaborative functions. The tools are user friendly and there is a clean UI (user interface) that helps it seem more user friendly. It also has decent customer support and helpful tips for content.
Hootsuite is one of the longest running and best-known tools for managing social media tasks. Today it’s used by more than 15 million people. It’s basically an all-in-one platform that allows users to schedule and curate content, measure the ROI from social engagement, run ads and a lot more besides.
It’s extremely comprehensive, and you can monitor multiple accounts side by side, connect with more than 35 networks and schedule posts in bulk.
Sprout Social works in a similar way to Hootsuite, allowing you to access and control several social media tools in one handy platform. This includes scheduling, reporting and monitoring and everything else you might need.
It also provides CRM (customer relationship management) features, which can help the user to build stronger networks and serve their consumer base in more productive ways. The reports you can generate from Sprout Social are frequently praised by users for their clear and well-designed presentation of key information.
Sendible differs from the platforms previously mentioned as it has been designed specifically for agencies that have several clients. It provides all the features you’d expect from a social media management tool, and allows users to customise the dashboard to include the agency branding.
It integrates some useful tools, such as Canvas graphics editor, a royalty free image search function and the ability to search YouTube. You can also set certain automotive tasks in order to save time in some areas.
Everypost is a great option for companies that want to concentrate on the visual side of their social media engagement. It allows users to easily pull together images and videos from YouTube, RSS feeds, Flickr and Instagram, for example.
There is no inbuilt tool for analytics yet, but it’s in the pipeline according to the company. It’s one of the very few tolls that will allow you to customise your post for each individual platform.
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