Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How I’m helping entrepreneurs get ahead

After many years in the corporate world, I’ve been blessed to be extremely successful. I’m proud of my business and life achievements – and have always been clear in my vision to ‘give something back’.


Helping young entrepreneurs find their way in the world of business is important to me. Having learned so much in my entrepreneurial duties, and having maintained the willpower and determination to forge ahead, I want to help others to follow in my footsteps.
This is why I created and launched the Rosemont Group Foundation.


The Foundation puts my wish to help the next generation of business leaders into action.
We aim to provide a platform to nurture young talent. I want to be able to inspire others to succeed, including people who feel they’re at a disadvantage.
The Foundation offers all sorts of business mentoring programmes, so that we can provide support every step of the way.


We want to open up the world of business to those who have the drive, determination and the dream to take it forward.
Helping young business people set out their vision, and giving them the tools to start implementing their ideas is a rewarding experience for me, and others in the Group.
The Rosemont Group aims to inspire the next generation of business leaders. We provide facilities and practical help, as well as mentoring and support. The idea is to help future entrepreneurs start their business somewhere they can be guided along the way.


As well as our Business Mentoring Programmes, we also offer RG Work Placement Schemes. These give young professionals (aged between 18 and 27), a way in to internships and job opportunities in sectors as diverse as IT, Finance and Fashion.


Above all else, I want to inspire young talent, help them grow and learn and show them that anything is possible. As I have such a varied background and have been fortunate enough to excel in different areas of business, there’s a vast amount of experience and knowledge to impart.
It was also my hope when I started Rosemont that it would inspire and encourage other entrepreneurs with a similar history to me to give something back to future generations.


Anyone with an idea and access to technology can start their own business today. There are endless ways to utilise creative thinking and turn those ideas into a viable company. I want to help entrepreneurs understand the routes they can take into market with their idea. This involves sharing knowledge and experience, but also best practice.
It also includes support when they have doubts and fears that their business dreams can’t be achieved. Planning correctly, understanding your product and market, and having determination are all essential to successful entrepreneurship. After all, it worked for me!
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