Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Can business leadership and acumen be taught in business school?

In a 2011 interview with the ‘Euro Cheddar’ publication, I was asked to share my thoughts on whether I believe entrepreneurs are born, or can entrepreneurship be taught in business school.
Can business leadership and acumen be taught in business school? Is it more intuitive and creative than people think?
Schooling can teach you the formalities of business and help you to ask questions that otherwise wouldn’t have been asked, but I feel acumen is a close relative of nous. This is something I feel is born outside of the classroom, and has its roots in general life experience and the way an individual navigates that experience and learns from it.
In the recent economic downturn, fine wines, art collecting and gold have all weathered the storm. I believe these are more than just ‘investments’ but something tangible and real. How do you feel about the wine world and its ability to excite people, even in tough times?
Its well documented that in times of economic crisis people gravitate towards tangible assets, generally because it is not as transient and abstract as other more traditional investments. In uncertain times people like things they can touch and feel, it provides a reality check, a psychological anchor and a fixed reference point when all else around you is in a constant state of flux. All that is solid doesn’t always melt into the air and some tangible assets are testament to that. The top end of the fine wine market is doing very well at the moment and presents a very exciting future. Unlike other tangible asset classes, fine wine is not only limited but dwindles in numbers over a period of time. That is the main rub of its bankability, in addition to this, one has increasing demand, developing mostly from emerging economies. The future for fine wine looks amazingly bright and shows no signs of slowing down for years to come.
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