Monday, March 13, 2017

How Drone Tech can Help Save the Planet

Drone-Tech Benefiting the World

Technology and environmentalism are not usually terms used in the same context. But even though tech brings to mind mass production and mass waste, increased power consumption and increased pollution, it is not all bad for the earth. Technology could actually be the key to saving the world - if it is used in the right way. A great example of this is drone technology.

Aren’t Drones Toys?

Some would see drones as toys for children (and big children…) but these gadgets are not only there for entertainment. Professional drones are used for an increasing variety of environmentalist tasks and recent developments in drone technology are helping scientists tackle major challenges. Aerial imaging can give environmentalists detailed geographic data making previously out of bounds areas accessible – no matter how harsh the terrain is. Data gathered by the drones are used in areas like the Himalayas where the melting rate of glaciers is being monitored, and the migration of animals is tracked. This important information is giving environmental scientists incredible insights into the complexities of our ecosystem and is equipping them to do their work which ultimately benefits the entire planet.

How Drones are Helping Conservationists

Besides tracking environmental changes passively, drones are also valuable tools in aiding conservationists. Damien Mander, the founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, is advocating using drones to combat elephant poaching in Africa, and several national parks in African countries like Kenya have already consented to using this technology. Drones can also help when environmental disasters strike and teams need to get to affected communities without maps. Instead of risking human lives in assessing damage in forest fires, drones can be used to assess the situation safely from the air. With this accurate information, cautionary measures can be implemented and risk areas can be evacuated.

This is Only the Beginning

Environmental and conservation efforts around the globe are already benefiting from the technological advancement of drones, and this is only the start of it. It will be exciting to see how different groups will be using drones to help save the planet in the future.

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