Monday, July 27, 2015

Flow Hive Sets Crowdfunding Record

Buzz About a New Indiegogo Record

A dramatic prediction, which was allegedly made by Albert Einstein, claimed that mankind would have no more than four years on earth should bees become extinct. Whether the world's most famous physicist made this prophecy or not, the fact remains that, without bees, pollination would be drastically affected. Certain plant life like almond trees, melons and berries would be in serious trouble, not to mention the knock-on effect on the beef and dairy industry when alfalfa hay becomes extinct, along with its pollinators. After launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the inventors of Flow Hive soon saw that investors share this concern.

What is Flow Hive?

Claimed to be 'the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852', Flow Hive is an invention that helps the carers of honeybees: the beekeepers -- as well as the bees. With Flow Hive, honey can safely be collected without opening the hive. Beekeepers simply turn on a tap to extract the honey. By using this method of extraction, bees are not being disturbed as much as they are with conventional honey harvesting methods, leaving them healthier and happier.

Raising interest in bees

Besides the obvious technical innovation, Flow Hive also brings social innovation. Because it is safer and simpler for people to keep bees, it will increase interest in beekeeping and encourage laypeople to try their hand at keeping hives and caring for bees. 

Not just about the money

The Indiegogo Flow Hive campaign realised its goal of US$70,000 within eight minutes of being launched -- and it didn't stop there. A record-breaking US$2.8 million was achieved in 24 hours and by the last week of June it reached a whopping US$12,301,367. This goes to show that it is not only the latest and greatest in tech gadgets making waves in the crowdfunding world. A campaign with a more significant impact on the world than being a mere money-maker can hit the right notes with investors. 

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