Sunday, December 21, 2014

Go India!

The population of India is over a billion strong, and a large proportion of the working mass is geared for greatness in tech. A weak infrastructure, a ridiculous amount of red tape and a class divide all undermine this tremendous potential and sets India just those few steps behind its progressive and advanced neighbour, China.

Triumph in Spite of Adversity

India - a new wave of tech startups
Despite everything hampering India's progress, a new wave of tech startups are shaking off the shackles of bureaucracy and not only creating local opportunities and advancements, but also making their mark in the global arena. Confidence in India's budding potential is growing, as are the bank balances of its investors. Three of the most impressive Indian startups are WebEngage, Zoom and Flipkart.


Founded in October 2010 in Mumbai, WebEngage offers targeted marketing solutions for clients. Over $500,000 were raised with the aim of continued expansion of this pioneering company. Already operating in more than 40 countries, WebEngage has a continuously expanding customer base of already thousands.


With an annual car rental market that generates around $3 billion, India has a great need for affordable and convenient car hire. Zoom offers electric cars available for rental in a great variety of locations. Zoom cars are permitted to drive anywhere in India and can be rented by the month, day, week or hour. The company has raised close to $3 million, and now operates all over Bangalore and in trendy Pune.


One of the most highly regarded tech startups in India, and an inspiration to others, Flipkart is an innovative e-commerce company and could be considered as the e-Bay or Amazon of India. Its claim to fame is not only as a leader in the field and as a company that enjoys fantastic popularity, but also owing to the fact that by July 2014 it had managed to raise $1 billion – the biggest amount of funding ever secured by an Indian company.

Exponential Development

Spurred by the rapid growth of Indian tech startups, investors are flocking to get their piece of the pie and experts are earmarking India as the second biggest tech hub, after the US. Is this a wave that has just started gaining momentum? With the rife abject poverty in the country, India could do with a lift. Let us hope it will get one.

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