Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Top Hiring Tips for Tech Startups

Hiring Tips for Tech Startups
For tech startups, hiring the first complement of staff is exciting and important business. This is the exhilarating moment when you are no longer an entrepreneur and become an employer. The people you bring in at this time are the ones that will do the groundwork that will ultimately make or break your business. Follow these steps to make sure that this vital process is successful.


1. Identify what you need to accomplish next, not in the next decade


Most entrepreneurs have a 'big picture' in mind - the ultimate destination of where you want your business to be in five or ten years. When they start the hiring process, they are picture a fantastic team of software engineers backed by some database specialists with an admin team to support them. Not to mention a marketing team to generate more business and a finance team to count all the money they will be raking in. The best thing to do is to breathe deeply and take a close look at what you need to accomplish in the near future, and then identify what kind of people you need to get it done. After all, taking the next step, no matter how small, is the only way to get to the projected future.


2. Define your requirements 


Once you have established the roles you need to fill, the next step is to take out a pen and paper and draw up a list of requirements for each role. Bear in mind that requirements are not only education and experience but also include personal traits like having a sense of humour or patience.


3. Advertise and network


Don't only advertise, network. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and even more powerful with social networking. It is also a more reliable way of finding reliable prospects. One of your friends (or one of their friends) may have the perfect candidate who may not ever get to see your advertisement and send in their CV.

4. Good enough is not good enough


Once the CVs start flooding in, you may find many candidates meeting your criteria. Picking the right person for the role becomes tricky when you are faced with an abundance of candidates with the right qualifications, experience and traits. The best approach is to look for people with a great track record, those who have repeatedly exceeded expectations. To launch your dream into reality you are not looking for worker bees, you need a team of superstars.


5. Be realistic


While it is important to build a team of achievers, it is also important to remember that software engineers and other staff members needed at tech startups are often spoilt for choice. Their expectations may not mesh with what you can realistically offer. If possible, get in candidates with experience at other startups. They will not only have experience with the unique environment of an up and coming business, but are also more likely to understand the potential for growth and future reward instead of demanding immediate compensation.

Once you have assembled your team of creative and intrepid employees, the best tip for success is to keep communication lines open. Keeping everybody in the loop creates excited and positive employees, determined to take your business to the top.

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