Monday, October 6, 2014

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office for Start-ups

So which one is better google docs or micrsoft office
So which one is better?

When choosing an office suite, should start-ups use Google Docs or Microsoft Office?

Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office for Start-ups

If you are part of the technorati, chances are that you have had a debate about Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office. Both are serious pieces of technology and although Google Docs is in its infancy in comparison to Microsoft Office, it has a few fantastic features. When selecting an office suite for a start-up, it all depends on what the business needs, and what the budget is like. These points of comparison are well worth considering.

What is so good about Google Docs?

How does Microsoft Office compete?

Google Docs is convenient. It is online, available to anybody with access to the Internet.
MS Office is not available online. It is a standalone application, available where it has been installed.
The excellent collaboration features in Google Docs makes it simple for multiple people to edit the same documents - even simultaneously.
Editing the same document is slightly more elaborate with MS Office. The document has to be saved from MS Office to the Microsoft online storage service called OneDrive and then invite other users to edit.
Google Docs has relatively basic features.
MS Office is a very advanced suite of software programs with many highly developed features.
Not that many companies and individuals are using Google Docs. That means that collaborating with parties outside the business have to convert Google Docs documents to MS Office documents and back again.
Microsoft is the world's biggest software maker and MS Office is one of the most popular products and therefore very widely used.
The Google Docs spreadsheet application is not as robust as Excel. For standard users it is generally sufficient but advanced Excel users may find it inadequate.
Microsoft Excel is robust and feature rich.
Google Docs has Google Forms. Users can create forms that are accessible by link or email. The answers are automatically saved and collated for users to see. Users can even automatically see the results in graph form.
The only way to create a form in MS Office is by creating a template in MS Office and locking it. Answers have to be manually collated.
Google Docs is free  
MS Office is not only not free, it is quite an expensive bit of kit.

So which one is better then?

Not all start-ups have the same needs.  If the business is going to be driven by pivot tables and fancy spreadsheets it would be best to fork out the license fees for MS Office. The same applies to businesses where documentation is to be regularly shared with companies and individuals that use MS Office only. Besides that, it has been going since 1988 so they've had a lot of time to smooth out the bugs. On the other hand, the fact that Google Docs is free should be enough for most start-ups to give it a trial. It might just be perfectly adequate and after all, it is free.

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