Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Share, Stream, Pin, Post, Tweet - Repeat

We recently pondered zero rating and how it almost forces start-ups to use social media as a means of marketing here. Sure, freedom of choice is vital, but would it not be in the best interest of B2B start-ups to get on the bandwagon and do their thing through social media? Probably, here is why.

It is booming

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more budgets target social media
In the past few years, social media has become colossal. Most of the largest industry players in the world have started implementing special teams and budgets targeted at social media marketing. Although LinkedIn is generally considered as the more professional social media stream, other platforms are not lagging far behind in usefulness when it comes to social media marketing. Campaigns these days include Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and more.

Brand awareness

Before the Internet became the megalithic machine it is today, brand awareness was usually achieved through saturating the market with advertising material showing off your brand. Nowadays the market is a lot bigger but luckily it is also faster, easier and often cheaper to get your name out there. Re-tweets and re-shares travel globally every day; why not make your name one of its passengers? An easy place to start is with friends and employees - excellent brand ambassadors, free of charge. There is no trick to it, just get your message out there and ask for it to be shared.

The personal touch

Besides the personal aspect of friends helping your business along, the Internet's social media platforms can add a surprisingly personal element to marketing campaigns. In the days of direct mail companies and marketers relied solely on what can fit into an envelope and through a mail slot. By being active on social media platforms, potential clients can become intimately acquainted with company culture, ideals and objectives. For an even more personal touch there is one of the most powerful marketing tools around: video.

Investors love social media

Angel investors and mentors carefully select the brands they choose to back before opening their pockets. Wouldn't it be ideal if you could try before you buy anything? This is exactly what these intrepid investors do with online research. A large portion of the vetting process happens through investors signing up to follow potential investments' social media streams. If a business uses its social presence to show progress and positive client interaction, it immediately increases interest. The Internet is also often where initial interest is sparked.

It is big, very big

Incredibly, this is just the tip of the immense iceberg known as social media marketing. Without even looking at how useful groups, forums, SEO and other aspects of social media can be it is clear that this is a powerful tool for start-ups, not to be missed out on.

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