Sunday, September 28, 2014

Going Green Takes a lot of Green, Unless you Lighten up

Going green is a great idea - Frederick Achom Blog
Going green is a great idea
Going green is a great idea but many companies are finding it impossible to start implementing green policies because of cash constraints or budget allocation issues. Despite the long-term savings to be made with putting sustainable practices into place, the initial outlay comes at a high cost. For the average cash-strapped start-up that has all it takes but has not quite made enough of a mark to afford the luxury-essentials, going green has to wait. The same applies to companies that are capital constrained or have firm policies about how money can be spent. This is not the case when it comes to the innovative tech start-up Enlighted.

Are you enlighted?

Enlighted is on a mission to make buildings as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. The company provides people-smart technology that automatically responds to environmental factors and makes the required adjustments. This means installing sensors and state-of-the-art gadgets on fixtures that figure out exactly how much or how little heating, cooling or light is needed and turning it on, off, up or down based on findings. Think: intelligent lighting and temperature control, lower bills and you have it. What's more, it gathers and analyzes all the data collected to give occupants detailed feedback - ideal for future planning. Surely such a clever gizmo is also very expensive? The most impressive part of it is that it really is not - no catch.

Light up my life

It is possible that Enlighted was once one of those cash-strapped tech start-ups because these guys really get how hard it can be for companies to go green. By collaborating with a global finance firm this company came up with an incredibly sensible market offer. Selected companies are offered a comprehensive solution with zero initial capital outlay. How it works is that Enlighted takes out a loan on behalf of the customer for the equipment and installation cost. Monthly repayments are calculated as a percentage of the actual savings made by installing the tech so customers immediately start seeing a reduction in bills. This means that savings are being made, even while the system is being paid off. What a bright idea.

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