Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Marketing a Startup with Social Media

Marketing a Startup with Social Media
A new start up in any field needs to work hard to make its presence known. In today’s rapidly changing world, the best place to spread the message about an innovative product or technology is through social media sites. With social media networks you can create brand recognition, increase sales and attract investors to take a startup to the next level of success. Taking advantage of social media campaigns helps save startup funding for the important tasks of growing the product and new development rather than expensive marketing campaigns created by large PR companies.

Preparing a Roadmap

As with every marketing campaign, social media advertising begins with a plan, or a roadmap. The new company must decide on a set of goals and pinpoint those groups that would be most interested in supporting the new product or service. Speaking one-on-one to those specific groups through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can generate immediate interest while creating market buzz.

Social media marketing is a dream come true for new businesses, because everything can be traced and tracked. With available online algorithms and analytics, it is simple to test the marketing plan’s effectiveness. Based on historical stats, instant revisions can be made to increase marketing reach.

Social Media for Musicians

One analytics program is specifically designed for tracking social media in the music world. The program, called, helps its users publish to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and then follows up with daily updates and stats. The site offers its users free tools to manage social media and track its online audience. The subscriptions range from free to a monthly fee that includes more advanced services through its comprehensive dashboard showing up to date stats. Clients can measure success with daily audits of fan data across multiple sites, including SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Using the built-in analytics, they can keep their online fan base engaged while growing their popularity.

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