Monday, November 11, 2013

Renewable Energy and Solar Deployment Ventures

CPECIn recent years, India has experienced a steep increase in development of its infrastructure, but its energy sector is sorely lagging behind. With the help of initiatives established by the state and central governments, such as the Jawaharial Nehru National Solar Mission 2009, India is beginning to address renewable energy solutions. One company in particular, Communication Power Engineering Company Ltd (CPEC) is committed to helping India with those energy goals.

Transition from Manufacturing to Services

CPEC is a company in the renewable energy business that focuses on developing solar-based power generation. Although it was established back in 1942, it was only incorporated in 1987 as a public company, which is when it became known as CPEC. At that time its key business focus was on manufacturing gear boxes, following its restructuring in 2010, its business focus changed from manufacturing to service. Since then, CPEC has been working with the development of renewable energy, taking advantage of new advances in solar power. Besides India, CPEC also works with other developing countries to generate and provide power to the governments and to AAA rated industrial and manufacturing conglomerates.

Global Energy Production

The management team of CPEC is made up of experts who are knowledgeable of growth patterns involved in global energy production. They are experienced in the evaluation of global solar technologies that help them make the best technological choices applicable to existing climate conditions of any given region. The CPEC strategy entails providing full services as a developer and to independently produce power on a turnkey or intermediate basis. Its services are aimed at every level of energy consumers in the commercial, industrial and residential segments, offering solar projects that are ground mounted as well as on those on rooftops.

Investment Funds in Renewable Energy

CPEC expects to attract the attention of investors who are looking to add renewable energy to their financial portfolios by directing and managing the investments in a macroeconomic climate. With this experience and expertise in the global market, CPEC is well equipped to manage investment funds in the solar energy sector.

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