Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OMC Operates Micropower Plants to Generate Clean Energy

OMCYou would think that most citizens of the world now have easy access to plentiful sources of energy, but in India that is not the case. It’s true that most villages have power cables and poles, but that electricity is available to only about 10pc of the village. And even having electrical cables running through an entire village does not necessarily mean that there is live energy running through them. Without consistent electric lighting, many Indians work with paraffin lamps that can damage lungs and is not much help for accomplishing school studies in the evenings. With a lack of electricity, financial institutions cannot operate and local businesses must close by sundown. Even though most people in India do have a mobile phone, the task of charging them can be quite a challenge. Throughout the country there are some 400,000 broadcast masts set up to connect people, 60pc of which are run by generators operating on diesel fuel. With more broadcast towers in the planning, India is looking to make a change to a cleaner and renewable form of energy.

Replacing the Broken Electrical Grid with Renewable Sources

It’s plain for anyone to see that the energy grid in India is broken and that more diesel fuel is not a viable answer. The two billion litres of fuel being consumed now is very expensive and adds enormously to the pollution. Indian companies are now aiming to reduce coal and diesel dependency while cutting carbon emissions at both urban and rural towers. Their solution is creating a hybrid power that combines grid power and renewable energy sources. 

OMC Sets Up Community Power Stations

OMC is one company that has stepped in to develop clean energy for use by private individuals and businesses in India. OMC has been building and managing operations of industrial scale micropower plants that are capable of supplying power to rural communities and for mobile networks. OMC teamed up with the largest provider of mobile phones in India, Bharti Infratel, to create Community Power stations, which will switch dependence on the current power grid to a cleaner form of renewable energy.

The involvement with OMC in providing renewable and clean energy to India works well for India’s rural citizens as well as powering mobile phones throughout the country. 

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