Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Travel
Spring is in the air and many of us are looking forward to vacations to unknown destinations abroad. Pleasure travel is quite a bit more exciting than business travel and even demands a different mentality. You may be planning a trip with your partner, friends or every your entire family, and there are situations that you may be unprepared for as a frequent business traveler  I just want to remind you of a few of those instances that you will want to mentally prepare for to avoid nasty travel experiences. They are common sense tips that keep you from getting into at home as well as while travelling, but are more likely to happen when you are distracted by new sites or new adventures.

Hiding Your Money

We all know about hiding your extra money and credit cards, but it also needs to be separated into different places. Don't keep all of your credit cards together in your wallet, lest you be left with nothing if your wallet goes missing. Keep at least one credit card back in your hotel room or in your sock. Same goes for money, of course. Split it up and spread it around. And those bum bags that used to set tourists apart from the locals? Get rid of them. Don't advertise to the locals that you have some stuff that is so important that you're going to wear it around your belly. Go with something more discreet (and waterproof) such as a small pouch that is hidden under your clothes. As far as your wallet goes, it's much safer to keep it in the inside pocket of your jacket or your front jeans pocket than the back pocket where it can be seen and grabbed.

One Last Thing

When you get up to leave your people watching spot at a cafe or steps in front of the cathedral, take a minute to look behind you to make sure you didn't forget anything.

Bon Voyage and Safe and Happy Travels!

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