Monday, April 29, 2013

Men – Welcome to the Kitchen!

The kitchen may once have been thought of primarily as a woman's domain, but fortunately that is no longer
the case. Men have taken over the kitchen big time and their influence is changing the way we think of old standbys. Not content to leave the old standards alone, they are changing, upgrading and improving the
things we eat.

Let's Get Serious
One thing about men in the kitchen is that they take what they're preparing very seriously. They think long and hard about what they're making and with standards held high, they expect their creations to turn out perfectly. It's less about "a pinch of this and a speck of that" and more about turning a simple dish into an engineering feat. The end result? They are out to WOW us with a fantastic and unforgettable dish. But you 
know what? I don't have a problem with that. Perfection in the kitchen is a good thing.

Cooking as a Competitive Sport
Way too often there are televised cooking shows that are trying to make cooking into a competitive sport that you must win if you are good in the kitchen. Programs that make it seem like you should either be the best or get out of the kitchen. But that's not the way of the kitchen. Being a good cook is about being creative and making the most with what you have on hand. It's about meeting time expectations as well as putting something on the table that meets everyone's different taste and diet preferences. It's time to take meal preparation out of the sporting arena and move it into the realm of art, because whether male or female, it takes a true artist to pull off a real meal. 

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