Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Racking Up Points in the Business World with Badges and Rewards

If you think that gold stars and cute badges are only for kids, think again. Reward systems based on digital games have made the big time, thanks to the internet, smartphones and tablets. Virtual badges are now an incentive that gets people moving in the right direction and they are being promoted by marketers on behalf of big businesses as well as small.

Games that Connect Customers with Businesses

What if reading this article and "liking it" on Facebook would win you a free cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop. Would you read through and click the button at the bottom? Chances are good that you would do that as you already envisioned yourself sitting before that steaming mug. But what if the reward was a virtual cup of coffee. Would you still click through? According to the success of the virtual badge system, you probably would still play the game. Many businesses are counting on your participation when they offer virtual rewards for such activities as checking into a certain restaurant, attending an event or even working out at the gym. Rack up a few of those badges and you will find yourself sharing and comparing your results with your colleagues.

Virtual Badges as Powerful Motivators

What would get a couch potato off the sofa and into the nearest gym? Yes, that's right. An app that tracks progress at the gym. It seems as though we need a bit of a challenge in our lives when we get stuck. A reward that we can show off is an effective motivator. It helps us get from one level to the next. And for businesses, that can mean the path to success. Motivate clients to come in for a free introductory session or to see your newest product line by rewarding them online, and get ready for a flood of new clients.
In business today, that's how the game is being played.