Monday, December 24, 2012

Keys to Making the Most of Brand Portfolios

The first key to creating an effective brand portfolio strategy is in understanding exactly what is a brand. Is it a logo? No. Well then, a symbol, a name or a spokesperson? Not exactly. OK, then is it a catchy jingle, a clever slogan, a well-designed ad or a popular product? Well, yes and no. While it can be all of these things, for our intents and purposes we must think of it as a valuable asset. By strategically creating, implementing and managing brand assets, they can be so powerful as to push growth at the top and from the bottom at the same time.  But the portfolio of brands must be carefully maintained. Or to borrow an idea from Babe Ruth, "You may have the greatest bunch of individual brands in the world, but if they aren't well managed, the portfolio won't be worth a dime."

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Luxury Products

Demand for luxury products has been a real mixed-bag this year. While some of the major brands that have been depended on to hold up the market in the past are announcing serious shortcomings, others are picking up the slack and even raising their sales growth targets. So can we safely assume that the failing of some of the major luxury stocks are brand specific and is not reflective of the general market? Maybe.