Sunday, July 22, 2012

Staying Cool with New Wine

The hazy lazy crazy days of summer are here, and as they get longer and the temps get hotter, we might spend more time looking for ways to relax and cool down. Whether we find ourselves basking at the sea, picnicking in the forest or enjoying an outdoor music festival, a nice glass of cool wine is sure to do the trick, and here are a few new choices worth consideration.

The first one is Veramonte 2011 La Gloria Sauvignon Blanc. Produced in Chile, it is refreshingly different than an ordinary white wine with a clean and tasty zip. The fruity tastes are reminiscent of anything from pineapple, citrus and guava all the way through to peach, pineapple and even pink grapefruit with a zesty finish. A good value wine priced at $12.95. This one pairs perfectly with a nice chevre salad sprinkled with walnuts for a picnic or lounge at the beach.

Next on the list, still hanging in there at $12.95 a pop, is Sandbanks 2011 Rosé from Prince Edward County. Even for those of you who might not be used to selecting a rosé as your first choice, this one deserves a sampling. Its candied cherry and strawberry twinges are great for summertime sipping. It is made with vidal blanc and merlot grapes with flavours of cherry-berry and a splash of pink grapefruit. This is a good one to have on hand the next time you throw some freshwater fish on the grill.

Last pick of the day is a 2009 Pinot Noir from De Loach Vineyards in California. As you would expect from an elegant pinot noir, you'll have to lay out a bit more at $14.95, but it is well worth the extra expense to enjoy its aromas of beetroot, blackberry, cedar, candied cherry, strawberry and vanilla bean. You would be hard placed to find a summertime dish that would not be enhanced by a glass of this stuff.