Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making a Difference

How good are you at selling yourself? It's pretty simple to study someone's product line and represent it to the public or even to promote an important personality or their issues. But being your own promoter takes guts. We have to develop a good image of ourselves or our business and then find a way to convince everyone out there how great we are. 

This is where personality comes in. If you are a naturally strong and confident being who does not have a problem describing all your wonderful attributes to the world, then you should do well. Go for it! But not everyone falls into that category. So this is where the hard work comes to play.

A good place to start the process is to understand where you or your business fit into the big picture and how you want to be perceived. By the time you've begun a business or prepared an idea you have already studied the competition and know the market well, so think about how you differ from everyone else and let that be your selling point. The name of the game here is to be seen, be heard and to make a difference in the market.

While it may seem natural to just slip quietly into the game and do the same thing your competitors are doing the same way they are doing it, but you will not be noticed or find your market share. Find one area where you can offer something better than what's out there and exploit that one point. It could be quicker turn-around times, it could be better quality or it might be that you are the most experienced in the field. Whatever it is, don't be shy. Write it on your website. Put it on your business card. Twitter it and post it. Show it off. Flaunt it. Make the most of it and you will be noticed. And that could be the difference between success in your new business or going back to your day-job.


  1. Sometimes I think I am shy and I don't know how to contact others well. This article is helpful for me to improve my social ability. And it is also good for my career.

  2. I am also having a hard time selling my products online.. Maybe all I need to do is try and promote it on different sites..Thank you for sharing this article..

  3. These are such valuable words when you like it and knew, but did not know as to apply

  4. Yes, that's true. We really have to study it first. If you are going to sell a beauty products it really takes time because you have to use it first to make them believe in your products. You have to be a user first before you can sell it.

  5. Good evening Frederick,
    This is a very informatinve blog. I am glad that I found your infomative blog. I am working hard right now to promote my business. Its uniquely handmade beaded jewelry. I have recently been working on my selling point. Finally I have figured out my targetted potential customers.

  6. I agree that you must sell yourself in a creative and unique way. You want to stand out from your competitors, otherwise you'll be lost behind the scenes. You also want to show that you are knowledgable and know how to use your product in the most effecient way possible.