Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why You Should Invest in Business Cards

There was a time when business cards were just about the most important tool going for introducing yourself, running after new business associates or maintaining contact with valued customers. They were sleekly designed, printed on a stock with the right percentage of rag content and an appealing blend of carefully selected Pantones. They held the exact amount of information in that little 9 x 5 piece of card stock to create a desirable impression. Business cards were as exhilarating to pass out as they were to receive, which usually included a smile, a penetrating look and a firm handshake. You got to observe the person on the other side of the card and make a quick evaluation.

What did people do with all of those business cards though? Unless they were received by someone really worth staying in touch with, the ordinary ones were probably tossed into the garbage bin. But the good ones - they were pieces of art worthy of a spot in your wallet, pinned onto a bulletin board or inserted alphabetically into a card holder.

Print media has recently taken a back seat to online alternatives. Who needs a business card if they have a web site? Why cut down trees to print a product that no one wants anyway? And think of all the expensive inks and chemicals that go into a good printed product. Before closing the coffin on business cards, a logical reassessment is in order. It is true that we can get by with fewer sheets of four-color process letterhead and printed envelopes might be reaching the end of the line, but there is nothing that compares to the ceremony of handing out stunning business cards while looking someone in the eye and shaking hands. Business cards offer a chance to make a personal impression or business statement that is yet unequalled by their Internet counterpart.