Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Digital Publication That Highlights the Younger Generation

The abundance of energy and creativity that dwell within the younger generation is known to all. Not bound by tradition or conventional restrictions of the past, the world is open to them in a way never before experienced. The power of today’s digital technology is the glue that unites and empowers the young people of today to make a difference, and they are doing just that. With the aim of giving the younger generation a strong voice, Urbane Sophisticate, a new lifestyle magazine, highlights the accomplishments and talents of phenomenal young people across the globe. Urbane features the stories of passionate and innovative 20‘somethings who have taken risks in order to change the world we live in.
The project began life as a blog by Harvard undergrad Luis Navia. His blog served as a sounding board for interesting quotes, articles or photos that inspired greatness. As he shared his thoughts with his global community, he became aware of the talented and brilliant young people out there who were not being recognized and his blog eventually morphed into a monthly magazine that highlights them. Urbane Sophisticate showcases passionate and interesting individuals who have taken risks, overcome challenges and one day will have the power to change the world.

And if that’s not enough, the digital magazine is employing a new technology for publishing that just might revolutionize the digital advertising market by making it more useful and effective for advertisers. The frictionless publishing platform, which is soon to be released, promises to make advertising more effective, accessible and affordable.

Urbane Sophisticate voices the ideals of its editor-in-chief Luis Navia, who says, “Seek excellence, inspire, and innovate. To live is not enough, but to create is the ultimate gift.” 


  1. what a great project, blog advertising are more effective than a general advertisement. it keeps on discovered by anyone who will came across your site. Hopefully it will be implemented soon!

  2. Nice to know more information about this new publication. Hope we will get a lot of good information and read great articles with the help of this new one. All the best

  3. Today we can read the E-books and E-zines from computer or iPad easily. This has a big effect on the new generation. The digital publication will replace the normal publication step by step.

  4. yes,the younger generation is the
    generation of productive and creative.
    young people can be successful if it
    dared to take the challenge and take
    something new,like mark zuckerberg was created facebook.

  5. Youth power is the strongest power of this generation..
    And this article highlights the younger generation...
    Nice blog..

  6. I really believe that this is a very great idea, I mean the digital magazine or the digital publication. Herewith shows the great life and vigor of the youth, expressed so clearly and to let everyone know the ins and outs of the newer and younger generation. I trust that this is going to be a very influential project that will make so many people informed of the newer life we call the youth.

  7. A digital magazine can really be an alternative venue for hearing what our younger generation thinks. There aren't yet that much digital magazines. I'm also very much curious about this frictionless publishing platform.

  8. A lot of our younger generations have gone astray nowadays. This digital magazine can bring out a lot of inspiration for them. Thanks for this post.

  9. It is always good to highlight the youngest generation, because they make the future. Very nice article is was also easy to understand for me.