Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Digital Publication That Highlights the Younger Generation

The abundance of energy and creativity that dwell within the younger generation is known to all. Not bound by tradition or conventional restrictions of the past, the world is open to them in a way never before experienced. The power of today’s digital technology is the glue that unites and empowers the young people of today to make a difference, and they are doing just that. With the aim of giving the younger generation a strong voice, Urbane Sophisticate, a new lifestyle magazine, highlights the accomplishments and talents of phenomenal young people across the globe. Urbane features the stories of passionate and innovative 20‘somethings who have taken risks in order to change the world we live in.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why You Should Invest in Business Cards

There was a time when business cards were just about the most important tool going for introducing yourself, running after new business associates or maintaining contact with valued customers. They were sleekly designed, printed on a stock with the right percentage of rag content and an appealing blend of carefully selected Pantones. They held the exact amount of information in that little 9 x 5 piece of card stock to create a desirable impression. Business cards were as exhilarating to pass out as they were to receive, which usually included a smile, a penetrating look and a firm handshake. You got to observe the person on the other side of the card and make a quick evaluation.