Sunday, December 25, 2011

Simple Marketing Tips for Today's Consumer

As the needs and desires of the consumer change, we must re-evaluate where we are going in terms of fulfilling those needs and what steps we might need to change. This is especially true if we're still following the criteria set forth in the Marketing 101 course we took 20 years ago. For starters, take a look at the reference materials around your desk - are they still relevant? Even for the pack-rats among us, get rid of outdated material as it could very well be a barrier in terms of relevant marketing strategies that work today. 

The next step- take an in-depth look:
* your product - is it successful and does it fulfill a niche in today's market?
* packaging - is it simple and attractive? Does it reek of respectability?
* pricing - does your price fit in with current market value and the latest market research?

That's all about your product, but now, what about your potential customer? It is simple for customers to compare product information and competitive pricing online, so we must go above and beyond to attract those potential buyers to our product. How is this done?
* Good products
* Attractive packaging
* Effective marketing
* Outstanding customer service

Besides a complete line of wonderful products, every company's greatest asset is a helpful and courteous staff. Good customer service is the line item that can make or break a company, so be proud of your commitment to service and exploit it through the use of viral marketing and new media techniques.

When it comes to the effective marketing of an excellent product, there are no shortcuts. Every point in the process must be coordinated to compliment each other, so take time to evaluate your current marketing strategy and make sure it fits with today's market.