Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Importance of People Skills

Great leaders have never been quiet. They've always let their voices and ideas be heard. Have you ever heard of a leader who made an impact through his ideas without voicing them? If one wants to make an impact on the world, he has to have a platform where people can hear him. 

It’s Just another reason why interaction with the public through public speaking and/or conversation is so important. No one has ever said that social skills make a man--but they do. In the long run, success and happiness is related to the development of the social skills with others. 

Peak Performance Expert Peter Murphy, author of the book How to Communicate with Unstoppable Confidence in 20 Days or Less, has listed many reasons why people skills are so important to ensure a particular person's well-being and their successful status in the world. Here is a sample of them: 

1. According to Murphy, your communication skills, not your technical ability, is what moves you ahead of the competition. 

2. Murphy says making a difference is one of the most satisfying aspects of life on this planet. But having the intention to do something good is not enough. Getting people to join you or stand up and listen is crucial, and this cannot be done with proper people skills.

3. Murphy believes true success is a team effort. While yes, success can be achieve alone, who will stand up and take notice when you've achieved that success if you don't have the right communication skills that will get them to listen to what you have to offer. Plus, supporters, helpers, and motivators are important, he adds.

4. Joblessness is becoming the standard throughout the world, says Murphy. In this day and age, many need to change their job or move to a new field. A smooth and successful transition during this process requires proper people skills. 

5. The executives, CEOs, and well-paid professionals at most companies are the ones that network extensively and know everyone they work with. They are the ones that get people to support them, stand up for them, and welcome their influence through good work relationships. This obviously requires the best communication skills. 

6. It's important to remember your greatest achievements at the end of your life, says Murphy, but the greatest achievements are the ones that are remembered by the people who live after you. "When you get to the end of your life," he writes, "do you want titles or testimonials?"