Thursday, October 6, 2011

All about Branding

Your brand is the image that represents your company. It’s the company’s voice, look, and purpose.  Marketing M.O, a marketing consultation firm says, “Your brand is the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company.” They hit the nail on the head.

Your brand is your personality, your promise, your purpose, your proposal. It’s your customer satisfaction and the way you interact with customers.  It’s the way you promote your products and ultimately it’s the success of your company in its market. That’s why branding strategies are so important. 

Here are some branding strategy concepts you may want to think about and strengthen when you invest mentally, physically, and financially in your brand.

  • Define your brand
    Give your brand a voice and a personality.  Give it a story, a face.  Describe it to those around you. Choose visual elements that convey your brand (colors, pictures, etc.) Make sure your brand helps to define your company and vice versa. 
  • Get a focus group
    Get a group of people together who maybe interested in what your company has to offer and ask them their opinion on certain matters relating to your company and the brand.  You can also ask customers, vendors, employees…it doesn’t hurt to get an opinion from the outside world.  See where you can improve.
  • Develop your brand
    Write a list of pros and cons about your brand. List the best and worst things about your product, service, and brand.  Get to know the kind of customer that is beneficial for your brand. Figure out what your brand represents and what the best benefits are for the customer.

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