Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rising Businessmen in London

London is a unique and vibrant city with a great deal of opportunity for those looking to create, build and run a successful business. Not only does the city have plenty of transport links to other countries, but it also has plenty of home grown talent spanning all kinds of sectors and industries. The start-up industry has particularly proved to be fruitful for entrepreneurs from textiles to technology. Many people arrive in London without a penny in their pocket and leave having made millions.

It would be impossible to identify all of the rising stars in the United Kingdom’s booming capital, but here are five of the most prominent businessman, some that are new on the scene and others that have been making waves in their respective sectors for many years:

Nick Candy and Christian Candy are British businessmen who focus on the luxury and specialty housing markets. They attended the prestigious Epsom College and in 1995 bought their first property in Earls Court, London. They renovated the flat and swiftly moved onto another property. This business soon became fruitful enough for them to set up Candy & Candy in 1999. Recently Candy & Candy were appointed to develop a design more than 80 apartments and three retail boutiques in an establishment on the edge of Hyde Park, which is known as One Hyde Park. 

Frederick Achom is an investor and property developer who was born in Nigeria. He moved to England where he was privately educated and went on to work in various roles within the financial sector. He first achieved success when he sold his agency City Business Partners. In 2003 he founded a holding company called the Rosemont Group, which invests in consumer products as well as luxury services. He also has stakes in a number of other investments including property consulting, marketing and sales and restaurants. Achom will be launching a luxury chain of new restaurants in Los Angeles within the next year. 

Matthew Key is the chief executive of successful British telecoms company O2. His specialities lie in marketing, specifically branding and he was one of the driving forces that helped to transform the Millennium Dome in central London into The O2 Arena music venue. Key went on to continue this success and re-branded a number of other venues in and around the London area. He is also well-known for landing a highly sought after deal with iPhone which meant O2 had the handsets earlier than any other provider.

Richard Glynn is a businessman and currently works as the chief executive of well-known bookmakers Ladbrokes. He previously worked as the head of Sporting Index, a spread betting company, before moving to the most successful bookmarkers in the United Kingdom. He is currently working on a shake-up of the company and sets to earn millions if he meets his goal of doubling the brand’s share price.

Anthony Thompson launched the new high street bank Metro Bank in 2010 and now works as the chairman of the organisation. Thompson has well over 27 years within the financial industry and set up Metro Bank to be entirely customer orientated. In July of 2010, Metro Bank signed a deal with Mastercard, so it can issue the cards to clients with current accounts.