Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's this about a Shanghai renaissance?

It's true that foreign brands like Adidas, Honda, and Hershey's Chocolate have always had a place in China as the Chinese are always apt to guzzle down the latest trends in fashion, sports, cars, food, and art. But what of the brands from China itself?  Do Chinese brands themselves have a place in China and in the global market?
The answer is a resounding YES!
Here are some of the choice Chinese brands that are redefining their image and making an impact in their home country.

According to CNN International's CNNGo for Asia, Shanghai has seen its renaissance in the form of the Feiyue sneaker, which is constantly worn by locals and tourists alike--so much so that a Belgian businessman decided to revive the hip shoe under the name Sudu ("Speed addiction" in Chinese.) The shoes will be on sale later in 2011. 

Sports Apparel
The Chinese sports apparel company Li Ning Co. Ltd. is known as the Nike of China. (Infact, they have a red flame like symbol that looks strikingly similar to the Nike logo!)  While it's quickly breaking into the U.S. market, it's also finding its place back home.  Products include footwear, accessories, clothing, and sports equipment. The business venture was established in 1990 by Li Ning, a Chinese gymnast who became an Olympic gold medalist.

Did you know that China has the world's second-largest market for automobiles? CHINACCESS, a company that that creates and promotes partnerships between European and Chinese companies, says 250 million members of the Chinese middle class are looking to buy a car.   So it's no surprise that Shanghai Automative Industry Corporation (SAIC) has decided to produce a line of automobiles to sell in China under its own name. This includes luxury cars, family sedans, and smaller versions.  


  1. And still, despite of all that is said here about Chinese branding, the Chinese still idolize the American and European Brands...

  2. I think the Chinese market is big enough for Chinese, American and European brands.