Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Change isn't Always a Good Thing

In an attempt to evolve with the times, the American clothing and accessories retailer Gap decided to revamp its main logo into something they thought was more mainstream and modern.  Marka Hansen, the president of Gap, said she wanted Gap customers to take notice of the label's progression and see what it stands for today. 

Gap Logo
The new Gap insignia was created in a graphic design-inspired computer print black font against a light background with a blue square behind the top of the letter "p"
"We chose the design as it's more contemporary and current.  It honors our heritage through the blue box, while still taking it forward," she said.  

Ironically, the Gap clientele weren't pleased.  In more than 2,000 public outcries, many lambasted the attempt on the Gap.com board, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, calling it, among other things, "the worst idea Gap has ever had", and asking Gap to scrap the logo in favor of the original emblem used for more than 20 years. 

This proves that sometimes people are just happy with the way things are.  One might not believe this is the case with fashion.  After all, fashion itself is always evolving and changing. 
At the same time, trends do come back with a vengeance, time and time again. 
It could be looked upon as an insult, but in reality, it's a compliment to the stellar Gap brand and the idea that in truth, good things don't need to change.  

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